Height: 6ft 2ins
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Greying
Playing Age: 55-65
Equity Status: Full Member


Disney+ Devil Culprits J Blakeson
StudioCanal/The Picture Company The Solicitor Baghead Alberto Corredor
Amazon Studios Bob The Peripheral Alrick Riley
Merman/Channel 4/Amazon Caoimhín Frank of Ireland MJ Delaney/Declan Lowney
Fragile Films/Saban Films Seamus Pixie Barnaby Thompson
Vico Films/RTÉ/BBC Dinny Molloy The Young Offenders S 2 Tom Marshall
Vennerfilm/BFI/Black Dog Films Harry Undergods Chino Moya
Abú Media An Fear Buí Finky Dathaí Keane
BBC 1 Charlie Strong Peaky Blinders S 5 Anthony Byrne
BBC – Element Pictures Cooper The Dublin Murders Saul Dibb
Endurance Media Smee Come Away Brenda Chapman
Altitude Film Entertainment Riktor Guns Akimbo Jason Lei Howden
Film 4/DMC Film Paudi Calm With Horses Nick Rowland
Universal Cable/Netflix Captain Judson Nightflyers Various
BBC/Amazon Duke of Hastur Good Omens Douglas Mackinnon
BBC 1 Charlie Strong Peaky Blinders S 4 David Caffrey
RTÉ George Moore Citizen Lane Thaddeaus O’Sullivan
Spectrevision/XYZ/UMedia Swan Mandy Panos Cosmatos
Merlin Films Griffin Supervized Steve Barron
Matchbox Pictures Paddy Fitzgerald Glitch Season 2 Emma Freeman/Tony Krawitz
BBC 1 Carl McKenna Broken Ashley Pearce/Noreen Kershaw
Capa Drama/ Canal + Father Etienne Versailles Season 2 Mike Barker
BBC 1 Charlie Strong Peaky Blinders S 3 Tim Mielants
Abú Media Teo Irish Pat Galvin* An Klondike 2 Daithí Keane
BBC / Red Planet Pictures Scrooge** Dickensian Various
Matchbox Pictures Paddy Glitch Emma Freeman
RTE Noel Blake Clean Break Gillies McKinnon/Damien O’Donnell
Fox/Starz Deucalion Da Vinci’s Demons Peter Hoar
BBC Letters Molloy Banished Daniel Percival/Jeffry Walker
Abú Media Teo Irish Pat Galvin An Klondike Daithi Keane
Stillking Films Coroner Child 44 Daniel Espinosa
KR Productions Caleb The Keeping Room Daniel Barber
XBreed Films Ltd. Harris Scintilla Billy O’Brien
Identical Films Limited Archie Damo & Ivor Robert Quinn
BBC 1 Charlie Strong Peaky Blinders S 2 Colm McCarthy
BBC Carney Luther Various
Warner Bros Poseidon 300:Rise of An Empire Noam Murro
BBC / Tiger Aspect Charlie Strong Peaky Blinders Otto Bathurst
BBC Waters Blackout Tom Green
Amber Film Productions Terence Amber Thaddeus O’Sullivan
Titanic Films Brendan Byrne Titanic – Blood and Steel Ciaran Donnelly
Crisis Films Julian Downhill James Rouse
BBC Philip Loving Miss Hatto Aisling Walsh
2929 Productions Ledbetter Serena Suzanne Bier
BBC Waters The Fuse Tom Green
Big Yellow Films David Storage 24 Johannes Roberts
BBC Father Consett Parades End Susanna White
BBC Ricky Swaine Exile John Alexander
Samson Films Cooney Grabbers Jon Wright
Grand Pictures The Glove Death of a Superhero Ian Fitzgibbon
Hubble Films Luca Roadkill Johannes Roberts
Ripple World Pictures Kilson Earthbound Alan Brennan
Anonymous Films The Interrogator Anonymous Roland Emmerich
Warp Films Tommy Tyrannosaur Paddy Considine
Ruby Films Doctor Carter Jane Eyre Cary Fukunaga
Warner Bros. Scared Man Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows David Yates
Toledo Productions The Seal Chieftain The Eagle of the Ninth Kevin MacDonald
Lionsgate Radnor Blitz Elliott Lester
Great Western Films Tarrant The Galway Races Robert Quinn
Lin Pictures Mugger Sherlock Holmes Guy Ritchie
Universal Sentinel Robin Hood Ridley Scott
Grand Pictures Sean Deegan Val Falvey T.D. P.J. Dillon
RTÉ Storyland Evans Running Low P.J. Dillon
Parallel Films Clamper Perrier’s Bounty Ian Fitzgibbon
Channel 4 Bob Salmon The Eejits Various
Fidelite Productions Garage Owner Dorothy Mills Agnes Merlet
Parallel Films Jumpy Con The Escapist Rupert Wyatt
BBC Stallholder The Baker Street Irregulars Julian Kemp
CBC/Showtime Augustin The Tudors Ciaran Donnelly
Lionside Ltd Felim The Tiger’s Tail John Boorman
Melrose Film Productions Bar man The Front Line David Gleeson
Stew 2 Limited Various (8) Stew 2 Orle Walsh
Bruckheimer Films The Mental Monk King Arthur Antoine Fuqua
West Street Television Ged Love is the Drug Darren Thornton
Bruckheimer Films Jamey the Tout Veronica Guerin Joel Schumacher
Spyglass Barlow Reign of Fire Rob Bowman
Rats Films Books Spin the Bottle Ian Fitzgibbon
3-Way Productions Muck Savage Dead Meat Ciaran O’Connor
Kildoran Two Ltd Mick On Home Ground (series II) Various
RTE Larry Flynn Fair City Paul Fitzgerald
A & E Network Paulding Benedict Arnold Mikael Salomon
Bórd Scannán na hÉireann Mr. Kelly Mystics David Blair
Blue Light Productions Jose KAOS Geraldine Creed
BBC Sammy Cohen Custer’s Last Stand Up Dearbhla Walsh
Crimson Films Seamus Tri Sceal Owen McPolin
Fox T.V., U.S.A. Lucet Mael St. Patrick Bob Hughes
TG4 Manic Man Dillisk Dearbhla Walsh
RTE/Parallel Tony Cleary D.D.U. Alan Grint
Paramount Funeral Driver Angela’s Ashes Alan Parker
Saban Entertainment Mider Mystic Knights Bob Hughes
RTE Chef Couched Ferdia McAnna
Universal Gay The General John Boorman
BBC TV Hairy Head Ballykissangel Tom Cotter
DLIAT Productions Braineater The Braineater Conor McMahon
BBC TV Shay The Ambassador Ken Greaves
Perrygate Productions The Prosecutor Oliver Twist Tony Bill
Driver Films Padraic The Matchmaker Mark Joffe
Galway Production Luke Quick Fix Eamonn Little

*Won – Supporting Actor in Drama – IFTA 2017

**Supporting Actor nomination in Drama – IFTA 2016


Long Road Productions Seven Macbecks David Bolger
The Abbey Theatre Snake/ Careless The School for Scandal Jimmy Fay
Pan Pan Theatre Teresias Oedipus Loves You Gavin Quinn
The Abbey Theatre Frank Harris/Rev. Chasuble Importance of Being Earnest Conall Morrison
Peacock Theatre Roger Carmody The Dandy Dolls Conall Morrison
Semper Fi One man show* Butterflies Karl Sheils
Semper Fi Mr. X Ladies and Gents Fringe 1st Karl Shiels
Siren Productions Various Fando n Lis Selina Cartmell
Semper Fi Alan Ten Charlie Bonner
Lyric Theatre Lucky ** Waiting For Godot Gabor Tompa
The Corn Exchange The Devil Car Show Caroline McSweeney
Project @ The Mint Cardinal Monticelso The White Devil Jason Byrne
Peacock Theatre The Pooka At Swim Two Birds Jimmy Fay
Project @ The Mint Bom What Where Jason Byrne
Project @ The Mint Lord Mennings Early Morning Jimmy Fay
The Gate Theatre Jeremy She Stoops to Conquer Jonathan Miller
City Arts Centre Oliver Cromwell Cromwell, the Right to War Gerry Morgan
Crypt Theatre The Magical Priest Mary and Lizzie Jo Mangan
Gdansk Theatre Festival Dan Burke Shadow of the Glen John Breen
Dublin Theatre Festival Pontius Pilate The Dublin Mysteries Gerry Morgan
City Arts Centre Dermot from Dunmore Farewell to Kind Relations Gerry Morgan
The Plough Theatre Mr Coulihan Thirst Ray McBride

*Best Actor nomination Dublin Fringe Festival

**Best Actor nomination Irish Times Awards


Full Driving Licence, Horse riding, Swimming, Singing, Good Irish