Lots of LBMer’s in several projects across TV players – Let’s look at the drama of it all

November 20th, 2018 by admin

Taken Down is half way through it’s hard hitting series 1 on RTÉ One. Airs every Sunday night until December 9th when we will probably see an incredible finale. If you have missed any of the first 3 episodes, check out the RTÉ player right now to catch up. Episode 1 only has 15 days remaining! You will see the brilliant Carl Shaaban, playing the guard Ben known as “Brains”.

RTÉ player – Taken Down

Next check out the shocking true story of modern slavery in Doing Money. Our wonderful Garry Mountaine has one of the toughest scenes we have had any actor do this year. Catch this on the RTÉ player ASAP, as it’s due to be gone within the week.

RTÉ player – Doing Money

Another show worth looking at is Blood that recently finished on Virgin Media One. Catch up on the Virgin Media Player or check out Channel 5 every night this week as they are airing every episode of this unmissable crime drama. Our excellent Geraldine McAlinden plays Patricia, a nurse who is in some harrowing scenes.

Blood – Virgin Media Player

Dark Heart finished last week and this series is not for the faint-hearted. Dark, gritty, down right scary – catch it now on Virgin Media Player. Our amazing Natalia Kostrzewa is in episode 3 and 4. Maybe watch this one with a friend as it is seriously DARK.

Dark Heart – Virgin Media Player




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