Height: 5ft 8ins
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Shaved
Playing Age: 38-48
Equity Status: Member


3 Year BTS Course, Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College Dublin -
British American Drama Academy Summer School, Balliol College, Oxford
Diploma in Acting and Stage Production - Galway Youth Theatre

Film & TV

Fastnet/Icon/22h22 Angry Spectator The Professor & the Madman Farhad Safinia
Pathways Detective Belton Michael Inside Frank Berry
BBC Ronan Murphy Line of Duty 3 Michael Kellor
Ecosse Films Acton Camelot Mikael Salomon
ITV Matthews The Frankenstein Chronicles Benjamin Ross
Susan Mullen Artist Dummy Brian Williams
Bootstrap Peasant 2 What if Alan Walsh
Wildfire Films Michael Cleary Fairy Wife Adrian McCarthy
HBO Monk 2 The Tudors Various
Stephen Kane – Cork Film Fest Boss The Incredible Shrinking Office Stephen Kane
RTE Andy Fair City Various
RTE Dr. Mooney Fair City Various
DIT Russian Sniper Dead of Night Tom Cosgrove
UCD Justice Justice Monson Emily Godson
Galway Productions Brendan Dangerous Whispers Terry Loughnane
Merlin Films Man’s Lover Angela Mooney Dies Again Tommy McArdle




The New Theatre Father Spider Anthony Fox
The New Theatre Weston Curse of the Starving Class Steve Gunn
AC Productions Various Hamlet Peter Reid
Andrews Lane Studio Kevin The Drowning Room 3 Wise Women
Samuel Beckett Theatre Chorus Myrmidons Simon Courey
The Abbey Theatre Cop 1 Summerhill Parade Jason Byrne
Andrews Lane Studio Max/Richard The Lover Peter Reid
The Abbey Theatre Red Branch Knight A Cry From Heaven Olivier Py
International Bar Remus Cain Sister Peter Reid
Andrews Lane Theatre Stanley Webber The Birthday Party Gary Egan
Praxis Theatre Company Branwell Bronte Cauldron of Brontes Sam Dowling
Old Vic Theatre Owen O’Gorman The Mushroom Pickers (reading) Jacqueline McCarrick
Praxis Theatre Company Macduff Macbeth Sam Dowling
Aisteir Productions Chorus Leader/Palace Knight 1 Angeline Jacqueline McCarrick
National Tour Jasper Forest Man Martin Murphy
Samuel Beckett Theatre Artaud Artaud in Ireland Michael Bogdanov
The Peacock Theatre Various The Birds (Rehearsed reading) Judy Friel
Samuel Beckett Theatre Shu-fu The Good Person of Sichuan Lily Todd
Samuel Beckett Theatre Robert Sideway / Cpt Collins Our Country’s Good Jason Byrne
Samuel Beckett Theatre King Kadmos The Bacchae Kevin Crawford
Samuel Beckett Theatre Capulet Romeo and Juliet (scene study) Peter McAllister
Samuel Beckett Theatre Seamus Shields Shadow of a Gunman (scene study) Ben Barnes
Samuel Beckett Theatre Trigorin The Seagull (scene study) Peter McAllister
Samuel Beckett Theatre Michael Moonshine (scene study) Peter McAllister
Townhall Flute / Fairy The Mazed World Max Haffler
Galway Arts Centre Duke Senior / Duke Frederick As You Like It David Grant
Galway Arts Centre Various Black 47 The Tour Rebecca Bartlett




RTE Matt Mcbirney Where Do I Belong? Cathryn Brennan
RTE Various Lennons Guitar Cathryn Brennan
RTE Various Dead Air Patricia O’Dwyer
RTE Various The Anniversary Orchid Cathryn Brennan
RTE Commentator and Waiter Together Again Dan Reardon
RTE Serge, Andrew and Daniel Dead Air Dan Reardon
RTE Michael Piranhna Dan Reardon
RTE Capt Brennan The Plough and The Stars Cathryn Brennan




Singing (Tenor), Dance, Horseriding, Weapons Expertise, Unarmed Combat, Abseiling, Parachuting