Height: 6ft
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Playing Age: 50 - 60
Equity Status: Full Member


Marcie Films/The Bureau Films Paul Rialto Peter Mackie Burns
Miramax Dungeon Guard Ella Enchanted Tommy O Haver
Showtime Network Mortuary Boss Penny Dreadful J.A. Bayona
Sterling Productions/BBC NI O’Grady Scúp Declan Recks
Ecosse Films Hanratty Life of Crime Jim Loach
FGTL Films Burger Man Food Guide to Love Dominic Harari
HBO / Sky Atlantic Pork Cart Driver Game of Thrones Various
RTÉ Desk Sergeant Love/Hate 3 David Caffrey
Baby Cow/Sky TV Len Moone Boy Declan Lowney
Titanic Films Kelly’s Landlord Titanic – Blood and Steel Ciaran Donnelly
Grand Pictures Harry Trivia Tom Hall
RTÉ Dennis Gwint Roy Ian Bevitt
CBC/Showtime Torturer The Tudors IV Ciaran Donnelly
Grand Pictures Tierney Val Falvey T.D. P.J. Dillon
BBC Porter Sherlock Holmes & The Baker Street Irregulars Julian Kemp
CBC/Showtime Grotesque Wolsey The Tudors Ciaran Donnelly
BBC/World Productions Poker Player Rough Diamond Simon Massey
Sound & Vision Athair Brona Aifric Paul Mercier
Samson Films Limited Drunk Once John Carney
RTÉ Kelly (Butcher) Stardust Ciaran Donnelly
Dalkey Films Taxi Drver Tara Road Gilles MacKinnon
RTÉ/Parallel Mr Sharkey The Clinic Declan Recks
RTÉ Bus Driver Killnaskully Pat Short
RTÉ Hammo Bachelors Walk J Carney/T Hall/K Carney
New Starfish Enterprises Stanley Starfish Stephen Kane
Miramax Dungeon Guard Ella Enchanted Tommy O’Haver
Kildoran Foreman On Home Ground (series II) Various
Millbrook Studios Butcher Ulysses Sean Walsh
Film Dreamtime Ltd Gamekeeper Evelyn Bruce Beresford
Denzille Films Court Usher No Tears Stephen Burke
Mapmaker Films Ltd Orange Drummer Mapmaker Johnny Gogan
The Crooked Mile Limited Galvin The Crooked Mile Stephen Kane
Zaltman Films Ltd Cleaner Spygame Tony Scott
Ballykea Productions Henry Carr Ballykissangel Paul Harrington
BBC Civilian Rebel Heart John Strickland
RTÉ Golden Socks, Lives and Videotape Martin Mahon
Fox T.V., U.S.A. Milliuc St. Patrick Bob Hughes
Espresso Films Food Critic Last Mango In Dublin Hugh Farley
Liquid Films Farmer Casey If I Could Read The Sky Nichola Bruce
Paramount Butcher Angela’s Ashes Alan Parker
RTÉ O’Hara The Officer From France Tony Barry
RTÉ Shortcuts Tony Before I Sleep Paul Mercier
Warner Bros. Farmer The Butcher Boy Neil Jordan
Channel 4 Hud Hastings Father Ted Graham Linehan
Oxwald Ltd Bad Guy Pete’s Meteor Joe Ó Byrne
Merlin Films Padraic Myles Angela Mooney Dies Again Tommy McArdle
RTÉ Frank Myers Fair City (12 episodes) John Lynch
Liquid Films Auld Head, Kev’s Da Crush Proof Paul Tickell
Vattington Films Lunatic Diary Of A Madman Ronan O’Leary


Bewley’s Café Theatre Thomas ‘Bang Bang’ Dudley Bang Bang Mark O’Brien
Bewley’s Café Theatre Brendan Coming Up Roses Juna Stiltanen
Gate Theatre Afanasy Ivanovich A Month in The Country Ethan McSweeny
Fishamble Joe Small Plastic Wars Alan King
Up-Beat Theatre Ensemble The Woman Who Walked Into Doors Joe O’Byrne
The Abbey Theatre Various Fucking A Paul Mercier
The Gaiety – Passion Machine/River Productions Danny Studs Paul Mercier
The Passion Machine Mr King Diarmuid and Grainne Paul Mercier
The Passion Machine Joe It Come Up Sun Paul Mercier
National Tour/Edinburgh Festival/Olympia Various Loco County Lonesome Joe O’Byrne
The Gaiety Theatre Barman The Plough and the Stars Stephen Rea
The Peacock Theatre Oliver Brown Map Maker’s Sorrow Brian Brady
The Gate Theatre Various Cyrano De Bergerac Alan Stanford
The Tivoli Theatre Various The Dublin Trilogy Paul Mercier
Macnas The Jolly Beggarman The Dead School Joe O’Byrne
Project @ The Mint John Marie Claire Frank Shouldice
Andrews Lane Theatre Clown The History of the World at 3am Joe O’Byrne
Donmar Warehouse Various Buddleia Paul Mercier
Madrid & Helsinki Zoom Angel Terra Incognita Alfonso Pindado
The Gaiety Theatre Prison Warder Borstal Boy Joe Dowling
The Olympia Theatre Landlord/Christopher Home Paul Mercier
The Olympia Theatre/National Tour Moss Loco County Lonesome Joe O’Byrne
Project Theatre Sean The Last Potato Joe O’Byrne
City Arts Centre Saul Hughie On The Wires Kenny Glenaan
Andrew’s Lane Theatre Ensemble Cabaret/Kaberett Joe O’Byrne
Projects Arts Centre Papuk Vlad The Impaler Liam O’Neill
SFX J. Bruce Ismay The Sinking Of The Titanic… Joe O’Byrne
Black Church Ensemble The Ghost Of Saint Joan Joe O’Byrne
Giessen, Germany The Drum Major Woyzeck Joe O’Byrne
Projects Arts Centre Herr Wizard Tales From The Vienna Woods Declan Gorman
Co-Motion Scrab Departed Joe O’Byrne
Project Arts Centre Ensemble Song of the White Man’s Burden Joe O’Byrne


Singing (baritone), Horseriding, Fire Arms (Army), Good Irish and French, Full Driver’s License