Height: 5ft 7ins
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Playing Age: 24-34


MA in acting, Arts Educational School, London
1st Class Honours degree, BA International, English and French, The National University of Ireland, Galway
Meisner Technique Workshop, Filmbase Dublin, Kathy Scambiattera
Micheal Chekov Technique, Sarah O'Toole
Introduction to Drama, LAMDA
Starstruck Stage School, Singing, Dance, Acting


Left Bank Pictures Lucinda Brown Outlander Jamie Payne
History Channel King Harald’s Servant Vikings 6 Helen Shaver
Warner Bros Peasant Women Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 David Yates
Telegael Secretary Country Woman Danny Hiller
BBC/TG4 Elizabeth McMullen Waterloo’s Celtic Warriors Ruan Magan
Mixed Bag Media Tilly Collingwood A Nightingale Falling Garret Daly
Zucca Films Triona Downpour Claire Dix
Magma Films Geraldine The Magdalen Martyrs Stuart Orme
Zanita Productions Sarah Eamon Margaret Corkery
BBC Sheridan Rough Diamond Simon Massey



Tristan Bates Theatre -London Vicky Jam Jars Victoria Gimby
The National Theatre of Scotland – New York Siolaigha/Lead Singer & Musician The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart Wils Wilson
Watford Palace Theatre Betty The Scarecrows’ Wedding Eva Sampson
Cog ARTSpace Nora Riders To The Sea Neil Sheppeck
The Orange Tree Baroness Fitzjenkins The School for Scheming Auriol Smith
National Tour Bridget Translations Adrian Dunbar
RSC Ensemble The Renaissance Body Lucy Cullingford
Arts Ed London Laura Some Voices (Showcase) Aileen Gonsalves
Arts Ed London Mrs. Muskat Liliom Matthew Lloyd
Arts Ed London Frances Modern Dance for Beginners Aileen Gonsalves
Arts Ed London Hero Much Ado About Nothing Marie McCarthy
RSC Ensemble Renaissance Lucy Cullingford
Anam Theatre Co Olga Onegin Sarah O’Toole
Little Maggots Theatre Co Narrator One To the Back of Beyond Kate Conneely
Dramasoc NUIG Lavarcham Deirdre of Sorrows Meave Ni Dhomnail
Dramasoc NUIG Val Boise Amanda Dameshghi



Full Driver’s License, Fluent French, Conversational Irish, Fencing, Stage Combat, Experienced Horse Rider, Excellent Swimmer, Piano, Experienced Traditional Musican (Button Accordion, Concertina and Tinwhistle), Singing (Mezzo Soprano)


Jointly represented by Eamonn Bedford Agency.  Tel:+44 (0) 20 7 734 9632