Height: 6ft 1ins
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Playing Age: 30-40


Village Pictures Tommy The Glenarma Tapes Tony Devlin
BBC Anto Donovan Blue Lights Gilles Bannier
Netflix/Channel 4 Security Guard Derry Girls S3 Michael Lennox
BBC Cornelius St. Mungo’s Dez McCarthy
Calamity Films Niall Dennings Brassic S3 Jon Wright
Netflix Troy Nightride Stephen Fingleton
Rollem Productions Tommy’s Da My Left Nut Paul Gay
Gallagher Films Gracey Rough Adam Patterson
Bump Films Kieran A Bump Along The Way Shelly Love
Sky Niall Dennings Brassic Jon Wright/Daniel O’Hara
Shooting for Socrates The Film LTD Albert Kirk Shooting for Socrates James Erskine
Wrap Films Huge Man 71 Yann Demange
ITV Guard in Basement Foyles War Stuart Orme
Stirling Productions Photographer Scúp Declan Recks
BBC Brian Stone The Fall Jakob Verbruggen
HBO Biter Game of Thrones Various
SP Films Ring Leader Savage Brendan Muldowney
BBC Jim Five Minutes of Heaven Oliver Hirschbiegel
Brightlight Pictures Kieran Fifty Dead Men Walking Kari Scogland
Mayfly Entertainment Spudz Peace Fire Macdara Vallely
RTÉ Eamonn Stephens Fair City Various
BBC Hoker Pulling Moves B.Kirk/P.Elliott
Fireproof Films Dom Boxed Marion Comer
BBC N.I. Soup As the Beast Sleeps Harold Bradbeer
BBC N.I. Tonto Give My Head Peace Tom Pool
Gazboro Films Gash Accelerator Vinny Murphy
Channel 5 James Shaw Probable Cause – Murder of Timmy Sullivan Ian Taylor
BBC/Scalla Films Pizza Boy Divorcing Jack David Caffrey
Raw Nerve Productions Oran Gun Konrad Jay
BBC Scotland Youth Presenter Active 8 Archie Loughlan


The Balloon Factory Productions Multi Roles Deck the Falls Paula McFetridge
Balloon Factory Productions – MAC 2 Man Show/Multi Roles Fairytale of New Lodge Paula Mc Fetridge
Rawlife Theatre Company Cricky The Sword & The Sand Martin McSharry
Balloon Factory Productions – MAC 2 Man Show/Multi Roles The Terrible Tragedy of the Twinbrook Turkey Paula Mc Fetridge
Lyric Theatre Teddy Three Sisters Selina Cartmell
Lyric Theatre Ensemble Mistletoe and Crime Dan Gordon
Lyric Theatre Michael Mixed Marriage Jimmy Fay
Brassneck Theatre Co. Sam The Sweetie Bottle Tony Devlin
Regional Theatres NI Gerry Juno & The Paycock Sean O’Casey
Ransom Ensemble Both Sides: Static/Yes So I Said Yes Mick Gordon
Brassneck Theatre Company Ensemble Fishers of Men Tony Devlin
Kabosh Ensemble The West Awakes Paula McFetridge
Prime Cut Productions Robbie Mullan Scenes from the Big Picture Conall Morrison
Rough Magic Count Cordua Don Carlos Lynne Parker
Rough Magic Davey The Bonfire Lynne Parker
Lyric Theatre Tommy Shadow of a Gunman Fiona Buffini
Riverside Theatre Co. One Man Show Rum & Vodka Andrea Montgomery
Royal National Theatre Cooper Scenes from the Big Picture Peter Gill
Lyric Theatre Various Paradise Dan Gordan
Royal Court Theatre Rabbit The Force of Change Robert Delamere
Lyric Theatre Bobby American Buffalo Jackie Doyle
Hackney Empire Ciaran The Laughter of our Children Pam Brightman
Corpus Christi Herod Rock Nativity Gordan Baird
Corpus Christi The Artful Dodger Oliver Gordan Baird
Corpus Christi Joseph Pharoah Gordan Baird


BBC Davy No Trampy Immigrants Heather Larmour


Full Clean Driving Licence