Height: 5ft 7ins
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Playing Age: 31-45


NTSC/ Newcastle University, Drama/ Theatre, 3 years, 1990 - 1993

Film & TV

Teletoon Clooney Wishfart Various
Global Keith Private Eyes Anne Wheeler/Jason Priestly
Ubison Malcom Milner Assassin’s Creed; Syndicate Ramiro Belanger
BBC America Edwards Copper Clark Johnson
The Cartoon Network Earl The Dating Guy Jamie Whitney
Lamport Shepard Entertainment Michael St. Roz Greg Sheppard
Imagine/Mirimax Fan #1 Cinderella Man Ron Howard
Fast Films/Movie Channel Kevin It All Happens Incredibly Fast Jai Dixit
The Movie Network Kevin Rub & Tug Soo Lyu
White Pine Pictures Lt. Clark Passing the Flame Linda Lee Tracy
Concorde Pictures Conal Byrne My Brothers War/Flash Point James Brolin
White Pine Pictures Father Bernard McGoyan Scattering of Seeds Linda Lee Tracy
Foot Print Productions Billy Pictures of War Gary Speed
BBC America Edwards Copper Barry Leinson
Epitome Pictures/CTV Lance Degrassi Bruce McDonald
Bell Production/New Media Earl The Dating Guy Joseph Sherman
CTV/Much Musci Peagan Smith Instant Star Graeme Campbell/Pat Williams
Fireworks Entertainment Kevin Gitre Mutant X Bill Corcoran
Pebblehut Films Paramedic EMT Emt Doc Larry McLean/George Bloomfield
CTV Gate Kepper Earth: Final Conflict Andrew Potter
Alliance Communications Reverend Little Men Don McCutcheon/Bruce McDonald
CBC Student Seeing Things George McCowan
CTV Little Thief Check it Out Alan Erlich
CFTO Kevin/Craig Turkey Television Roger Damon Price
Nickelodeon/Price Burton Studios Craig Can’t do that on Television Roger Price




Waterloo Station Mr Perks The Railway Children Damian Cruden
NTS Bilbo The Hobbit  Nick Manz
Lyric Theatre Pierre Betrayal Tracey Brown
Childrens Creations Ensemble Real Tes Junes Pllace Des Sar
YPT KeySton Cop Ruff Mary Jo Eustice




Drums, Guitar, Kick Boxing, Driving/Powerboat Licence