Height: 6ft
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Playing Age: 50-60
Equity Status: Full


World 2000/History Channel Noble Vikings Johan Renck
Chieftan Film Productions LTD Fr. Alec Reid Citizen Charlie Kenneth Glenaan
Take 5 Productions Gun Shop Propietor Penny Dreadful Dearbhla Walsh
Ecosse Films Paul Reid Life of Crime Jim Loach
Element Pictures Paramedic Frank Lenny Abrahamson
Samson Films Michael Stay Wiebke Von Carolsfeld
BBC Customs Detective Loving Miss Hatto Aisling Walsh
Titanic Films Roland King Titanic – Blood and Steel Ciaran Donnelly
BBC Malcolm Hidden Niall MacCormick
CBC/Showtime Constable of the Tower The Tudors Various
Delux Productions Frank’s Father House of Boys Jean-Claude Schlim
ITV Registrar Father and Son Brian Kirk
ITV Frank Ellis Rock Rivals Various
ITV Mr. Lieuenthal My Boy Jack Brian Kirk
BSI TV Limited Footman The Baker Street Irregulars Julian Kemp
Trilogy Film Productions Conor McIntyre Flesh and Blood Aisling Walsh
BBC Jarvis Murphy’s Law Colm McCarthy
Ecosse Films Mr. Curtis Becoming Jane Julian Jarrold
Pluto Films Punter 2 Breakfast on Pluto Neil Jordan
Archer Street Productions Griet’s Father Girl with a Pearl Earring Peter Webber
Grand Pictures Clive Fergus’ Wedding Ian Fitzgibbon
Denzille Films Counsellor No Tears Stephen Burke
B.B.C. Detective Serg. Hall The Mystery of Men David Wheatley
Espresso Films Duffy Last Mango In Dublin Hugh Farley
Grand Pictures The English Bloke Paths to Freedom Ian Fitzgibbon
B.B.C. Copper The Mystery of Men David Wheatley
Fox T.V., U.S.A. Auxilius St. Patrick Bob Hughes
RTE Dr. Lentaigne The Officer From France Tony Barry
B.B.C./U.S. TV Gautier St. Ives Harry Hook
Yorkshire TV Shut-Eye The Black Velvet Band Robert Knights
Black Sun Films Ted Wapping Gerard Croce
Working Title Films Thug Edward II Derek Jarman
Shadow Films Flag In A Season of Soft Rains Richard Stanley
Frontroom Productions Del The Love Child Rob Smith
Wicked Films Boelgarkof Hardware Richard Stanley
National Film School Hugh Fall From Grace Ian Wyse
Pozzitive TV Great Bear Six Sides Of Coogan Geoff Posner
Thames TV Mark The Bill Brian Farnham
Yorkshire TV Larry Heartbeat II Terry Marcel
Childsplay Prod Goth Streetwise Bob Carlton
BBC Rod Eastenders (1987 -90) Various




The Abbey Theatre Mazzini Dunn Heartbreak House Róisín McBrinn
The Abbey Theatre Peter Shirley Major Barbara Annabelle Comyn
The Peacock Theatre Piero Big Love Selina Cartmell
The Peacock Theatre The Guard Burial at Thebes Patrick Mason
The Abbey Theatre Ezekiel Cheever The Crucible Patrick Mason
Calypso Theatre Co. Various Talking to Terrorists Bairbre Ni Caoimh
Andrews Lane Theatre Henry The Real Thing Paul Meade
Rough Magic Theatre Company Ervasti Olga Lynne Parker
The Abbey Theatre Dr Relling The Wild Duck Laszlo Marton
The Abbey Theatre John/James Love ! Valour ! Compassion ! Audrey Devereux
Yorkshire Playhouse Larkin Larkin with Women Brian Brady
The Abbey Theatre Agamemnon Iphegina at Aulis Katie Mitchell
The Abbey Theatre Thomas Blackwater Angel Ben Barnes
The Abbey Theatre Captain Lancey Translations Ben Barnes
The Peacock Theatre Praed Mrs. Warren’s Profession Brian Brady
The Peacock Theatre Henry Map Maker’s Sorrow Brian Brady
The Peacock Theatre Harry Making History Brian Brady
Gate Theatre Ligniene/Cadet 4 Cyrano De Bergerac Alan Stanford
National Tour Ray This Lime Tree Bower Kevin Hely
The Peacock Theatre Gary The Electrocution of Children Brian Brady
Crucible Sheffield Edgar King Lear Deborah Paige
English Touring Theatre Banquo Macbeth Steve Unwin
Manchester Menasha Tiebele And Her Demon Gregorii Dityatkovski
Salisbury Playhouse Johnny Wild Things Deborah Paige
Salisbury Playhouse Caliban The Tempest Deborah Paige
Lyric Hammersmith Bafou Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment… Peter Benedict
Battersea Arts Centre Phillabell Love at a Loss Polly Irvin
Gate Theatre Trofimov The Cherry Orchard Laurence Boswell
Middle East Tour Bill An Evening with Gary Lineker Tony Craven
Mermaid Theatre Noah Chester Mystery Cycle Mark Dornford May
Duke Of Cambridge Krogstad The Doll’s House Polly Irvin
The Gate Theatre Nearchus Polyeuct Peter Benedict
Wolsey Theatre Hal Loot Antony Tuckey
RSC Pete A Clockwork Orange Ron Daniels
Leeds Playhouse Sam Captain Swing Jude Kelly
Pocket Theatre Various Measure For Measure Laurence Boswell
Pocket Theatre Luigi Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay Laurence Boswell




RTÉ Sgt. Turner The Dreaming of Roger Casement Kevin Reynolds




SKILLS Horseriding, Singing (Bass), Guitar, Good French and Spanish